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Shree umiya agro service center c/o Shree Umiya E-Vehicle


Shop-24,Market yard ,Opp-nagarik sahakari bank,Bayad-Kapadwanj highwy, At:Demai , Ta:Bayad ,Dist: Aravalli,Gujarat.GST NO-24BLLPP2132H1Z8
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Shree umiya agro service center


We are Joy E- bike authorized dealer for Bayad taluka



(135000/-ONLY with RTO , insurance)

Designed for the dreamers and built for the unbreakable, MIHOS electric scooter by Joy e-bike is developed with the latest and more efficient technology. Built with Poly DiCycloPentadiene (PDCPD) or industrial rock, this beauty with strength combines comfort, technology and top-notch mechanics. મિહોંસ એ આ શ્રેણી માં સૌથી મજબુત અને સફળ સ્કૂટર છે. કારણ કે આ જૂની અને પ્રચલિત ડીઝાઇન માં છે. આ ત્રણ સ્પીડ મોડ માં ચાલે છે. એક વાર ચાર્જ કર્યા પછી 120 થી 130 કિલોમીટર સુધી ચાલે છે. ઘરના રેગ્યુલર પ્લગ માં ચાર્જ થાય છે. ખુબજ મજબુત બોડી અને ખુબજ સનદાર છે. અને આધુણિક સુરક્ષા સાથે આવે છે.

Price : ₹135000



Always make it in time with Greater Speed A powerful battery and amplifying features, so you are always on time. Bringing your folks closer with 88Km*/full charge A certified higher range, so the distance never comes between your relations. Spend time with family, not at charging stations. Save yourself from standing in fuelling queues, just take out the battery and charge at home. Choose your colour of Joy From dropping kids to school to enjoying a small ride with your partner, choose what makes you happier.

Price : ₹83000


Rs/-70000-(Rs/-12000 subsidy for sudent above 9th class)

We bring you Glob by Joy e-bike. One of the quickest electric two-wheelers out there. With its unique design and innovative tech, Glob is extremely smart. Powered by Lithium-ion batteries, it produces zero emissions, making sure it protects our deteriorating planet. The whitish-grey colour it sports makes it look uber cool and one-of-a-kind.

Price : ₹70000


Rs/-75000-(Rs/-12000 subsidy for sudent above 9th class)

The Wolf electric scooter is a stylish e-scooter designed for everyday Firstly, it is not too heavy. Therefore, Wolf is perfect for anyone and everyone. commute, hence, the features we have added ensure a comfortable ride. This super-smart e-scooter comes with extra leg and boot space, which makes it easier to carry additional luggage without any hindrance. Another exciting feature is the remote lock, which helps to start the vehicle, without the need to look for keys in a purse, and this is immensely helpful, especially when running late. Last but not least, it offers reverse assist to help to pull out the vehicle easily. It sometimes happens that you end up parking our vehicles in tight parking spots or sloppy slopes and this feature comes to your rescue and is exceptionally useful when extra force is required.

Price : ₹75000

Gen Next Nanu E-Scooter

Rs/-77000-(Rs/-12000 subsidy for sudent above 9th class)

Gen Next Nanu E-Scooter is yet another extraordinary model by Joy e-bike. This electric scooter is designed for perfection! Gen Next Nanu is not only tech-savvy, but it also comes with a contemporary finish, which promises a stylish and comfortable ride. To make it all the more appealing, it comes with various smart features to ensure convenience to the fullest. Some of the features are reverse assist, extra leg space, remote key, and more.

Gen Next Nanu E-Scooter
Price : ₹77000



Girl in a jacket Company name:Shree Umiya Agro Service Center
Account number: 10108927597
IFSC: IDFB0040374
Bank name: IDFC FIRST
Branch: Bayad Branch

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